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     Indulge in some of the best food Honolulu has to offer. See our extensive list of must visit restaurants along Monsarrat Ave.



★★★★  $$

Bogarts Acai Bowl.JPG

Acai Bowl

Bogarts Strawberry Waffle.JPG

Strawberry Waffles

Bogarts Loco Moco.jpg

Loco Moco

Bogarts is a local style café offering everything from Acai Bowls to Loco Mocos. Limited parking makes Ebikes an awesome way to enjoy this Café. 


★★★★★  $

South Shore Grill Fish Tacos.jpg
South Shore Grill SSG Mix Plate.jpg

Fresh Fish Tacos

SSG Mix Plate

South Shore Grill Kalbi Burrito.jpg

Kalbi Burrito

South Shore Grill has the freshest fish tacos & burritos in Honolulu. They have some amazing veggie options also. Be sure to check their website for current hours.


★★★★★  $$

Pioneer Mochico Chicken.webp

Mochiko Chicken Plate

Pioneer Garilc Ahi Plate.webp

Garlic Ahi Plate

Pioneer Spare Ribs Plate.webp

Spare Ribs Plate

Pioneer offers the best Japanese inspired plate lunch options available on Oahu. This is an amazing location pick up something quick to eat. 

Diamond Head.png

★★★★★  $

Diamond Head Market & Grill Cream Cheese Scone.jpg

Blueberry Cream Cheese Scone

Diamond Head Grill Coconut Pancakes.jpg

Coconut Pancakes

Diamond Head Grill Kalbi RIbs.jpg

Kalbi Ribs

Diamond Head Market & Grill is famous for its excellent blueberry cream cheese scones. They also serve lunch & dinner every day from 10:30AM - 8:30PM.

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