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Got questions? We've got answers! See below for answers to some of our most frequently asked queries.

  • Are these routes safe?
    Of course! We leverage Honolulu's impressive system of bike lanes to create the most scenic and safe route possible.
  • Parking?
    We're located inside the Marriott Beach Waikiki. You can valet the vehicle for ~$35 for the duration of your bike ride or you can utilize the meter parking all around us for around ~$12. If your staying in the waikiki area we would recommend walking over to pickup bikes!
  • What happens if I damage a bike?
    Please refer to our liability waiver for questions regarding responsibilities when riding our Ebikes. ASSUMPTION OF FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY I agree and accept full financial responsibility of my rental. I agree to cancel my reservation 24 hours or more prior to departure date & time. I agree and understand that if I do not cancel within the time period stated above, I will willingly pay for my rental reservation in full. I waive the right to dispute charges with my bank and accept charges made for price of entire rental reservation. I understand I willingly made my reservation on my own, entered my credit card information with full intent to pay the full amount of my reservation. I understand that my reservation prohibits anyone else from renting the equipment from the date my reservation was made until the end of my rental, therefore I understand fully that I will be charged if I do not cancel in the time frame stated above.
  • Do I need reservations for the diamond head bike & hike?
    Yes! Please ensure you have reservations for the Diamond Head hike if your planning on biking to the trail. We can help you make these reservations, please call us to check avalibility!
  • What's the maximum weight for your Ebikes?
    The Explorer can carry up to 250 LBS / 113.4 KG
  • What happens when I go over my time?
    You simply roll into the next time slot. For example if you rented for 2 hours and go over time you'll be automatically slotted into the 4 hour.
  • Do I need to stick to your routes?
    Yes & No. We would prefer you stay in the Waikiki Area so we can assist you if need be. Any bikes outside of Waikiki will be considered out of bounds unless prior arrangements were made. Ex. Long term rental.
  • How do I make an online booking?
    Step 1. Choose Dates Step 2. Pick Bikes Step 3. Select extras and how many bikes you need from the drop down menu Step 4. Add bikes to cart Step 5. Checkout Step 6. Register or Sign In Step 7. Complete Checkout Step 8. Collect your bikes!
  • How fast are your EBikes?
    Our bikes top out around 20 MPH in the fastest mode.
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