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Ebike rentals in Honolulu

The #1 Bike Rental Experience in Hawaii!

Hele On Routes

Explorer Cargo

Easily Seats two kids


1 Hr


2 Hr


4 Hr


7 Hr


24 Hr



3 Day

Rent a bike in Waikiki and explore with your family! The Explorer Cargo comfortably fits 1 adult, 2 kids, and cargo. Experience the stunning views in comfort with the Explorer Cargo. Book now!

750 Watts // Throttle + Pedal Assist

Why is a Waikiki Electric Bike Rental Right for You? 

Ebikes save time and money

Electric bicycles are expensive to buy outright and difficult to transport – especially if you’re flying to Hawaii! But they are now within your reach! Thanks to electric bike rental companies such as Hele on Waikiki, you can get top-quality Waikiki electric bike rentals on a daily rental fee. 


If you’re interested in exploring more of the island to experience the sights and sounds without having to walk, take public transportation, or rent a car, renting an ebike is a great option. Save time & money by renting an ebike from a reliable Waikiki electric bike rental such as Hele! 

Why Book With Hele On Waikiki?

Roadside Assistance


Best rates on the island


5 Star service with 5 Star bikes


Book Your Ride in 3 Easy Steps


Pick your route

Have confidence while exploring Waikiki with the Hele On Waikiki Maps. Utilize your phone on the included phone holder to navigate our routes to perfection. 


Reserve your ride

Use our online booking portal to reserve your bikes. Check out our FAQ for a step by step guide on using the online booking system. 


Hit the Road

Come down and pickup your bikes at our location. Upon arrival you'll be fitted to your bike and setup with all necessary accessories. 


What People Say About Us 

“I rented an electric bike from Hele On Waikiki for 2 days. Staff was super nice. She told me the battery would last 40 miles. After I used it for about 25 miles I still had about 75% of the battery.
She also gave me a map of a suggested route/course, which was nice. But I went a lot further to the east on the first day, to "China wall" I think it's called. The bike got the attention of some people here and there, with one commenting that they wanted to get one. So I suppose that means the bike is stylish. Must be the tires :)”

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