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What To Do In Honolulu In December

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Do you know the most exciting things to do in Honolulu in December?

If you find yourself in Honolulu this December with an e-bike by your side, you're in for a treat. The Hawaiian capital is not just about pristine beaches and swaying palm trees; it's also a paradise for cycling enthusiasts. Honolulu bike rental is a sustainable and eco-friendly way to explore the island. Grab your helmet and let's dive into three exciting bike tours that will make your December in Honolulu unforgettable.

Things To Do In Honolulu In December

Read on to discover amazing things to do in Honolulu in December:


Diamond Head Bike & Hike: Conquer the Crater


Start your electric adventure with the iconic Diamond Head Bike & Hike tour. This thrilling journey takes you to the world-famous Diamond Head Crater, a volcanic tuff cone that offers breathtaking panoramic views of Honolulu and the Pacific Ocean. What makes the Diamond Head Bike Tour exciting?


As you cruise along the scenic coastline on your e-bike, the gentle breeze and warm December sun will keep you company. Once you arrive at the base of Diamond Head, lock up your e-bike and prepare for a short but invigorating hike to the summit. Embark on a delightful journey along the meticulously kept trail, winding through intriguing tunnels and historic military bunkers that add a touch of the past to your adventure.


Why go on a Diamond Head Bike and Hike? Once you reach the summit, pause for a moment to recharge, and relish the breathtaking 360-degree views. The glistening ocean, vibrant greenery, and the cityscape below form a captivating backdrop for that perfect selfie you've earned. Don't forget to pack some snacks to savor while you bask in the beauty all around you. Exploring the Diamond Head is one of the most amazing things to do in Honolulu in December. Happy trails!


Magic Island & Ala Moana: Ebike Bliss by the Shore


Exploring the Magic Island & Ala Moana is one of the most exciting things to do in Honolulu in December. For a chill time, grab your e-bike and cruise over to Magic Island and Ala Moana. This easy-breezy ride along the coastal bike paths is just what you need to soak in nature without working up a sweat.


Magic Island is like a secret paradise with its beautiful beaches and peaceful waters. Kick back, dip your toes in the ocean, or just lounge in the sun, enjoying the cool sea breeze—it's a hidden gem waiting for you to uncover! Ala Moana Beach Park, located nearby, offers a perfect spot for a picnic. Park your e-bike, spread out a blanket, and indulge in some delicious local treats as you enjoy the serenity of the surroundings.


After recharging, continue your journey along the Ala Wai Canal, surrounded by lush greenery and vibrant local life. The Ala Moana Shopping Center awaits you with various shops and restaurants for a bit of retail therapy or a tasty meal to refuel.


Manoa Falls Bike & Hike: Nature's Symphony on Two Wheels


Venture into the heart of Oahu's rainforest with the Manoa Falls Bike & Hike tour. This adventure combines the thrill of biking with the tranquility of nature, offering a perfect balance for those seeking a diverse experience.


As you pedal through the charming neighborhood of Manoa, the scent of tropical flowers fills the air. This is about unveiling the excitement of Manoa Falls bike routes. The bike trail leads you to the trailhead of Manoa Falls, where you'll secure your e-bike and embark on a picturesque hike. The lush vegetation and the soothing sound of the waterfall create a symphony of nature that will transport you to a magical realm.


Feel the mist on your face as you reach the base of Manoa Falls, a 150-foot cascade surrounded by emerald-green foliage. Take a moment to connect with the environment and appreciate the beauty of Hawaii's rainforest. This tour is not just a physical journey; it's a sensory experience that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Exciting Things To Do In Honolulu In December


So, there you have three incredible e-bike adventures to make the most of your December in Honolulu. Whether you're seeking panoramic views, beachside bliss, or a rendezvous with nature, an e-bike is your ticket to an unforgettable Hawaiian experience. Gear up, hit the trails, and let the electric vibes guide you through the beauty of Oahu's landscapes. Happy riding!

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