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Why Go on a Diamond Head Bike and Hike?

Updated: May 18, 2023

A Diamond head bike and hike is one of the most thrilling experiences on the island. Whether you enjoy biking or hiking or both, you’ll enjoy the breathtaking experience of exploring this state park.

Diamond Head is Hawaii State Park's most visited attraction. It’s a volcanic cone on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. The ridgeline of the structure, which is like the dorsal fin of a tuna fish, is the reason why Hawaiians refer to it as Lahi (brow of the tuna).

The calcite crystals on the nearby seashore seemed like diamonds to the British soldiers who were visiting the area in the 19th century.

You may hike to Diamond Head's breathtaking vistas of the Pacific Ocean and Honolulu through a trail that leads to the rim of the 300,000-year-old crater. Read on to learn more about Diamond head bike and hike.

Diamond Head Bike and Hike

What makes diamond head bike and hike special?

The volcanoes that make up the Ko'olau Range, including Diamond Head, started erupting below the surface of the ocean around 2.6 million years ago. The crater was formed approximately 300,000 years ago by a single eruption.

There are 350 acres in the crater. Due to its explosive formation, the crater is substantially larger than its rim. A tuff cone is a particular kind of formation. At 762 feet above sea level, Diamond Head is the highest point in Hawaii. The height of Diamond Head Mountain, as measured from the crater floor, is 560 feet.

Since Diamond Head is monogenetic, its eruption only happens once. The volcanic tuff cone most likely last erupted 150,000–200,000 years ago. Since then, it has not been active. These are some of the reasons why Diamond head bike and hike experience is so thrilling. Get a bike from Hele on Waikiki to get started.

What is there to do at Diamond Head State Park?

There aren't many locations in the world where you can hike or bike to a volcano's edge. The Diamond Head Trail offers this chance, which culminates in panoramic views of Oahu, the well-known Diamond Head Lighthouse, a US Coast Guard facility that has been shown on a stamp, and the stunning Pacific Ocean. You may even see Molokai, a neighbouring island, on a clear day.

You can travel through tunnels and stairs after stopping for a break at a vantage point. You must ascend 99 steps to reach the second vantage point, where a World War II bunker is located. From there, climb an additional 54 stairs to reach the crater's summit.

A picnic area, restrooms, drinking fountains, informational exhibits, and historical artifacts are all located on the crater rim. The volcano is close to several beaches and parks. These are some of the things that makes the Diamond head bike and hike so special.

How long does it take to hike Diamond Head?

The 1.6-mile (2.5-km) roundtrip trek up Diamond Head takes roughly 1.5 to 2 hours.

Your hike will be convenient and safe thanks to the paved surface and handrails. However, some of the trail's rock sections are uneven, so take caution to avoid losing your balance. Keep in mind that the path to the summit requires you to pass through a small tunnel.

Take care as you climb the 99 steps at the end of your hike as well. Put on sturdy hiking boots. Additionally, bring a flashlight so you can keep an eye on your steps and be extra cautious.

Diamond Head bike tour

On your journey to the stunning Diamond Head crater trek, pedal your bike through Waikiki's neighborhoods. Roll past historic WWII sites and through Kahala's affluent mansion neighborhood as you travel. You might need a map to get to Diamond Head, find out why you need a Waikiki bike rental map.

Your bike tour guide will keep you entertained and focused while sharing amusing facts and background information with you along the way so you can better understand how stunning Waikiki is.

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